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FLX 6 Jog Cutter is flawed

Can you tell me what use is the Jog Cutter if it is only a series of stutter sounds?  I have been a DJ for 43 years, and I already know how to scratch, but I was looking for a less involved solution, so I decided to try the FLX-6 because of the Jog Cutter.  Is there a firmware issue or is this the way Pioneer set this feature up to be, because as far as I'm concerned, this feature needs a complete overhaul. All six areas of the Jog wheel give differing stutters, no matter how far you move the jog wheel. It seems like they are just super quick hits of Hot Cues, with no rhythm or flexibility of rhythm.  I need this addressed in order to feel I have full value for this product.  Is there a way Pioneer can allow us to change or alter those patterns via Utilities Mode or something?  Otherwise I would prefer this button to just enable Vinyl mode at startup, and I will do the cuts myself.

Rahim Hollins

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