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DDJ SX2 : No audio on output or headphone ... just a heartbeat sound


no audio sound get out of my controler,  just a throbbing heartbeat sound. All the levels are lit up. Powered down restarted everything and still the same. I notice that there is a very very small led effect (on load button or disc tray which look like synchronize with the heartbeat sound)

I've already the last firmware and a factory reset did not solve anything.

The kicker is it's still lit up like a song is playing even with no Computer attached. 

What is strange is if i use the computer sound card then no more hearbeat sound ... the problem is only for output and headphone entries on controler.

It is a hardware issue ? but wich one ? output DSB PCB Assy card or IC29 processor  (i took a look on service manual to try to understand from where can come the issue) ?

I seen someone add same issue than me in the past but there is no update regarding solution.

Thank by advance for your support 

Zobby Thefly

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