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DDJ-FLX4 and Microphones not working

I have a DDJ-FLX 4 and running Rekordbox 6.7.6 on windows 11.

I purchased a Behringer B1 mic to and plugged it into the Controller. Not working. I read that this condenser mic needs "Phantom power" and the FLX does not provide this.  So I went out and purchased a Trumix MX2 2 channel USB mixer that does provide the Phantom Power" 48v.

Still no joy. I know the mic is working as I can hear it via headphones on the Trumix.

I also cannot get the Microphone Panel to display on Rekordbox so I can select the Mic. I  am clicking on the show/hide mixer panel and have tried re-installing Rekordbox but still no joy.

Any ideas please?

Ben Crick

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-Open up system preferences

-Select Controller 

-Select the mixer tab

-Locate microphone input
-Toggle to Low Latency Mode

This should make the microphone work while Rekordbox is open!
You're Welcome Pioneer DJ!

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