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Crossfader, cue, and channel volume don't work in Rekordbox but USB mode works fine

So I have the XDJ-R1, and when I use USB mode, I can use the controller perfectly fine it seems, but when I have MIDI mode selected, the crossfader does nothing, and only the deck 1 cue button works, and none of the channel volumes do anything.

I checked a few of the other related issues to this and after confirming that mixer is properly selected deck 1 and 2, and making sure I have the controller itself selected as the Audio source, master output and headphones output, still the issue persists.

(I also did a firmware update. Also should note I'm using Rekordbox v5.8.7)

Ryan Buckley

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It also seems I can't play tracks from USB on one deck and tracks from Rekordbox MIDI source on the other. For example I have a track loaded from USB in deck 1, and when I load a track from Rekordbox in deck 2, i can't get the audio to come through the headphones when cue for deck 2 is on...so yeah, something seems up

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