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timing of loops on a 2000 nexus 2

Hi.  I see that I am not the only one to notice an error in the timing of loops made on the 2000 nexus 2.  I presently have 2 cdj 2000 nexus' and one NEXUS 2.  When I play a loop on the 2 it does not keep the time correctly and the loop becomes shorter by a hair every time it repeats so by the 6th time or so its almost off by a full beat.  Is tehrer something that I can do to correct this?   


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A requirement tends to be more granular, and is written with the implementation in mind. Feature: A feature is a set of logically related requirements that allows the user to satisfy an objective. A feature tends to be a higher-level   slope unblocked   objective than a requirement. Feature requests should not be one-directional -- make sure your users are being rewarded with updates for taking the time to share their valuable input. Here are a couple of key communication points to follow up with users on their feedback. Acknowledge each request and set expectations around how it will be handled.
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