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No cue on FLX4 with Rekordbox mobile

I already submit 2 request for this problem but i have no news from Pioneer despite multiple reminders. 

I don't have cue in headphone when i use the FLX4 on my tablet. There is no separation between master and cues. It works on my samsung smartphone but it don't work on my Xiaomi Pad 6 pro. (both in mono)

Here the model of each device i have : 
- Samsung ZFlip 3 5G - SM-F711B (Cueing works)
- Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro - 23046RP50C (Cueing doesn't work).
It seems to be a recurrent problem with Rekordbox Mobile but there is no concrete information from Pioneer about this. 
Did you find a solution ? 
Thank you
Wilfried Toll

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