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Crossfader and Volume Faders are not working on rekordbox with FLX6

The crossfader and volume faders are not working on rekordbox with FLX6. Channels are correctly assigned.

When I toggle the buttons up/down, left/right the program indicates the movements, but it does not affect the sound at all.

OS: Windows 10

Controller model: DDJ-FLX6

Rekordbox version: 6.7.7

Lucy Sargsyan

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Hey, did you get anywhere with this? I've just got a brand new FLX4. It's been working fine but fired it up today and the crossfader doesn't work. It just plays both tracks at full volume. Like your screenshot, it shows on screen that it's working. I checked on Serato and it works fine so it's not a hardware issue. 

Mark Grafton 0 votes
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Hey, in my case the problem was on my PC side. So I've done all possible upgrades, also uninstalled and reinstalled Rekordbox.
Also, are you facing the problem with headphones or with external speakers?

Lucy Sargsyan 0 votes
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