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Rekordbox Android App issues

Hi everybody

I tested theRekordbox Android App runnning on a Lenovo tablet with my brand new DDJ FLX4.

Issues (not experienced when using my Windows Dell laptop):

1) not able to use the usb connection; cannot see the flx4 in the rekordbox app. I'm using the usb-c that comes aong the controller

2) when connected via bluetooth I can see and managthe flx4 in the app but unfortunately have another problem: I load a track and when start playing the tablet goes in block screen state even if the track is still playing.

I unlock the screen, few secs and it goes in block screen state again.

I wonder if there is any setting to change to use rekordbox or if I need to re-install the app again.

Also, not focused on Android in the past I used to use Traktor on MacOs ant it was totally pnp!!!

Any help on this highly appreciated as using the tablet is more convenient to me.

My Windows laptop is for business purposes and this is not the right time to purchase something from Apple....

Thank you!!!!! 


Simone Becattelli

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Hi Simone, This has been an ongoing issue for me. I have attempted to use FLX4 / Rekordbox with 3 different Android tablets (2 x Samsung + 1 Lenovo) They all have their own issues, mainly heavily distorted audio and strange functionality of the FLX4. I've had about 6 months of back and forth with Pioneer support and no fix yet. I actually think Pioneer needs to remove any statements that the FLX4 works with Android Tabs as this clearly isn't the case. Good luck but I think you'll need a laptop. It does work with my Pixel phone but the screen is simply too small for most uses. 

Lincoln Cleak 1 vote
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