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Thougths on Sonoma compat.

Hi all,

I'm making this post in the spirit of positive and constructive feedback, and do not intend for it to be combative so I hope it's received in that spirit.

I am very appreciative of the behind the scenes work that is surely going on to certify Rekordbox for OSX Sonoma. That said, from a customer facing perspective I think I would like to see a bit more communication on status, and even a high level timeline so we can set expectations. Rightly or wrongly, I think a lack of clear communication paints a worst case scenario where joking hyperbole like "will be ready just in time for the next OSX release" is thrown around. I'm not passing judgment, just stating that as a fact. Again, I appreciate that Pioneer needs to do a lot of regression testing with all supported configurations, and that's not a light undertaking. But as we're moving further from Sonoma general release date, I think a stale "do not upgrade" message followed by radio silence is a customer experience that provides opportunities for improvement.

If I'm being honest, an AMAZING customer experience would have been to see Pioneer assuring Mac users on day one of the developer availability of Sonoma that "Hey everyone, Sonoma is coming! We've got the new developer release and we're starting initial regression testing so we're ready for launch day" type of activities. I'm not commenting on internal Pioneer development practices, but I think a proactive approach to retro testing new platforms is something that I would love to see, or if that is already happening then it would be an AMAZING customer outreach type move to let us know that you're on the ball, don't sweat :)


The other factor to consider is that any new devices sold today are also going to be shipping with Sonoma, so we don't really have the luxury of "don't upgrade" being a viable solution. In my years of owning a Mac i've never really looked into the process of rolling back a new device to a previous operating system, so I certainly don't expect the average DJ to really be aware that this is or isn't an option. If someone buys a new Mac today, they have an unstable, uncertified platform with which to preform. This point is only being raised because now time is actually of the essence for your average user. I'm not claiming that Pioneer doesn't already recognize this fact, but short of any communication raised above I can't assume one way or the other.

Again, I want this to be taken in a positive "opportunity to improve" type feedback, and not combative. We all strive to do better, and I'm choosing to be positive and help provide feedback rather than complaining -- I hope it's helpful in driving some discussions!


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