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[request] Sort by Key in related order, while using Classic display format

Sorting a library folder/playlist by key, does not have the same result if you change the display format.

If you sort by Key while using the alphanumeric display format, your files will be sorted in related order. But if you are using the classic display format they will not. Because the order applied to the folder/playlist is actually alphabetic and not related.
This makes sorting by key while using the classic display format kind of obsolete.

Please make sorting by key have the same result regardless of which display format the DJ is using. And if you might fear that some DJs actually want it that way. Please, atleast give us the option.


ps: You probably see that I used the color tag on my files to make the keys more distinguishable. It would be nice if I had more colors. :)
But you probably can not do this because of your CDJs and things.... :(
Rekordbox could be alot better if you wouldn't restrict its abilities to your hardware.


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