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Nearly all of my files are gone Rekordbox Cloud

I just switched to Rekordbox Cloud professional.
I opted to move everything over to the Pioneer professional team account (dropbox) and to move all of my files.
Nearly all of them are gone.
My stomach is in knots, years and years of my track collection and personal edits just gone.
My drive is empty.
I'm gutted.

Ian Jones

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I think I got the same issue when I first connect to Rekordbox Cloud Pro. It ended up that all files have been moved to Dropbox. Could you check the Dropbox dir on your machine? There are normally 2 accounts: your perso and the pro account. Files might be in one of them.


David Pilato 0 votes
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Thanks for the response.
I was hoping this was the case, but there are definitely some of the files from my library in there, but neary 5k of them never made it somehow.

Thank god I have BackBlaze and can recover my original library to my drive, but what a right royal pain in the arse.
So bummed.

Ian Jones 1 vote
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Managed to recover all my files and then resync with DropBox.
Not exactly sure what happened, but thank god for BackBlaze!

Ian Jones 0 votes
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