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Automatically update playists

I imported few m3u8 playlists in rekordbox, and I modified some songs (like the beatgrid, bpm, added ratings etc).
These m3u8 playlists (that live locally on my laptop) have been updated with new songs. Thus I would like to import them again.
I saw that there is no way for rekordbox to import a playlist, and only import and analyze the new songs (the ones that have been added since the last time). Also, I cannot do this manually since I am talking about many dozens songs.

Which is the most proper way to do this?
I thought that a possible way would be to export the rekordbox.xml, then import all the playlists again (this would overwrite the previous data, and would have to reanalyze all the old songs), and then impor the rekordbox.xml.

Is this a valid way?
This is a very tedious and time-consuming way (until it reanalyzes and reimports 1000+ songs). Is there a more efficient way?


Alexandros Nikolaou

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Basically, rekordbox doesn't doubly import a track from the same location.

So if you import updated m3u playlist, tracks previously imported won't be imported.

Only newly added tracks will be imported.

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