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rekordbox 6 analysis taking far too long

A few questions before i start.. Why don't the cdj 3000s support rekordbox 5? Why is rekordbox 6 riddled with bugs and bloatware that slows the program down and causes it to freeze? Why does no one at rekordbox/pioneer listen to their userbase and fix these issues? Been using rekordbox for almost 6 years and never had a single issue, track analysis was quick, never froze or locked up, then i purchase a pair of cdj 3000 and discover rekordbox 5 doesn't work with them (no idea why) and rekordbox 6 is very slow at analysing my library, keeps freezing after every track analysis before it continues onto the next wave of tracks, absolutely shocking. From what I've read online im not the only one and going by the time frame this has been going on for years! Why isn't it being fixed? Turned everything off in the software that i dont need or use and its still slower than a week in the jail. Very disappointed, if its not getting fixed then atleast make rekordbox 5 compatible with the cdj 3000.
Alan Robertson

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The CDJ-3000 is not compatible with rekordbox 5, because it was launched after rekordbox 6 was already released. 

So when a new product is launched, a new rekordbox update is released to add compatibility for the new product. Then all future updates and versions of rekordbox from that point on will work with the new product. 

But you do not go and add compatibility for older version, as they will become obsolete anyway.

And rekordbox 5 is an obsolete version now, for which support has stopped. 

So if you are using rekordbox 6 and encountering some issue, then please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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With all respect. Your comments are not really helping to understand what your problem is.
My Intel i5 (12gen.) is analysing 10 tracks at the same time and need 4 to 5 seconds to finish the analysis.
If you export USB devises from rekordbox 5 you can use them with the CDJ-3000. But if you want to use them in HID mode you will need rekordbox 6. But honestly CDJ-3000 are not really designed for the use in performance mode.
Regarding your other comments it is hard to judge without knowing the specs of your computer, you  operating system and which rekordbox version you are using.
Are you looking for help or are you just wanted to let us know that you are unhappy? If you are looking for help, you should provide more details on your issues and your setup.

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