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CDJ3000 DJM900NXS2 setup with Rekordbox hardware connections

Hi, I have 2pcs of CDJ3000s and one DJM900NXS2 which I want to connect to Rekordbox 6 and try it out.

Case 1:
If I want to use this setup in EXPORT mode, what hardware connections are needed to make it work fully?
I have connected all units PRO-DJ LINKS through a network switch.
Do I need to connect each of the three units also by USB to PC in order to make it hardware un-lock?
Or is it enough with only connecting DJM900NXS2 USB to PC?

Case 2:
What would be the difference if I want to use Rekordbox 6 in PERFORMANCE mode in terms of hardware connections?

Case 3:
I should be able to adjust settings for the CDJs through Rekordbox 6 and through "Preferences" I can see the place to change the settings and there is a way to "Apply to all connected devices" - but the changes does not take effect. 

Is there any instruction somewhere where the above questions can be answered, the rekordbox 6 manual does not adress it.


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Case 1:

You can connect the CDJ's via LAN to the MIXER and then connect mixer via USB cable to your PC to connect to Export Mode.

If you want to use LINK export with a USB connection, the USB connection driver is needed for a Windows PC.
Case 2: 

If you want to hardware unlock by the CDJ-3000, yes it is necessary to connect via USB cables and preferred to select the DJM as a soundcard.
You can still connect the same as in case 1, but you need to manually select the player number of the CDJs.
If the left CDJ is connected to CH2, the player number has to be NO.2, and if the right CDJ is connected to CH3, the player number has to be NO.3. And you need to select DJM-900NXS2 in the Audio setting to use it as a soundcard.
However, DJM-900NXS2 is not a hardware unlock device, so a Core plan or higher is needed for this connection.
Case 3: 
If you change the setting in Preferences >DJ System > My Settings, it will reflect on the connected USB drive.


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