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Metadata update - export/sync to USB

Hi all,

Similar as in other topics, I have updated some fields for many tracks in Rekordbox like 'comment', 'genre' and 'label'. Nothing else was updated for these tracks, and these have already been exported to the USB drive before.

So I both tried to do a full sync and export just the playlist to the USB, but the updated fields won't reflect on the USB.

Similar topics on this issue:

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I was wondering if this is still an open feature request?

Or I am stuck to deleting the USB completely and do a full sync every time I update some of these fields?

Mike G

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Do you want to update Information of tracks (that appear on rekordbox) in Device?
Or, want to update the metadata of the music file in Device?
Information of tracks in Device will be updated by exporting the track again.
But metadata in the music file won't be updated by exporting the track again because music file is only copied when exporting a track first time.

If you want to update the metadata of the music file, you need to delete the track from Device and export the track again.

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It's the first, so the fields like 'comment', 'genre', and 'label' which are displayed in Rekorbox. When updating these and exporting my library again to the USB stick, it does not update on the USB device.

I wiped my USB completely and exported, then it did work (which I expected). But it's not really an option to wipe and re-export my whole collection every time.

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