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Opus Quad Issue - Recording past 3 Hour Limit file corruption bug

There is currently a serious and very frustrating bug with the Opus Quad's internal recording option to USB. 

If a recording hits the 3 hour mark (the length limit), functionality is supposed to transition seamlessly into a second recording file, allowing recording to continue. 

The issue is that when this occurs, the initial 3 hour file is corrupted and is unable to be used or played on devices including MacOS (where the corrupted file is actually invisible in the FInder) or Windows (where the file is unplayable due to corruption).

While I'm sure there is a way to fix the corrupted file using 3rd party software, the file is easily lost when trying to correct the corruption. And the corruption should not be occurring in the first place.

The only way I've found to manage this at the moment is to ensure recording is stopped any time before 3 hours and restarted manually. 

I have lost 6 hours of professional mixes thanks to this Opus Quad Bug. 


Any comment from others or Pioneer staff?



Ollie de Vries

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