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Bug on XDJ-1000 MKII in link with function "Instant Double"

Bug on XDJ-1000 MKII in link with function "Instant Double"
When I run the 'dual instan' function on the XDJ-1000 MKII, the secondary deck does not load hot cues or loops, so if I try to recover a hot cue or loop, the turntable On the previously loaded title.
This mode of loading should be corrected so that the board is independent of the master board.

Bug sur XDJ-1000 MKII en link avec la fonction ''Instant Double"
Lorsque je j'éxécute la fonction 'instan double' sur les XDJ-1000 MKII, la platine secondaire ne charge pas les hot cue ni les loops, du coup, si j'essaye de récupérer un hot cue ou une boucle, la platine reviens sur le titre précédemment chargé.
Il serait bon de corrigé ce mode de chargement pour que la platine soit indépendante de la platine maitre.


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As @BriChi says, it can't "instantly" duplicate the memory data; this is a sacrifice in the performance in order to achieve an instant-doubles playback.

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exactly, same on NXS2, if it loaded all the hot cues then i guess it wouldn't be "instant" lol

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Thank you for your answers.
Personally, I think this is not necessarily a good choice. The fact of wanting to duplicate a track to another track is of interest only if you can quickly access other moments of the title being played such as a Cue Loops for example.
In addition I find the same problem if I load the track independently: if I load the track of the same usb key on another deck, it loads as being in 'double instant' so it is impossible to access the recorded Cue and Loops .
This is a very big problem that greatly limits the possibilities of mix!

Merci pour vos réponses.
Personnellement, je pense que ce n'est pas forcément un bon choix. Le fait de vouloir dupliquer une piste en lecture vers une autre piste n'a d'intéret que si on peux accéder rapidement à d'autre moments du titre en cours de lecture comme une Cue Loops par exemple.
De plus je retrouve le même problème si je charge la piste indépendemment : si je charge la piste d'une même clé usb sur une autre platine, elle se charge comme étant en 'instant double' donc impossible d'accéder aux Cue et Loops enregistrés.
C'est un très gros problème qui limite énormement les possibilités de mix !

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There's two options:

1) Instant Doubles; load the track IMMEDIATELY and have the playback EXACTLY where it is on the other player. Hot Cues will NOT be loaded as that would require additional time to call them and store them in memory, but as the track is loaded instantly, this can't be performed.

2) Load the track the same way you normally would, manually call up the hot cues if you don't have your preferences set to do that, then scan ahead in the track to a point roughly where the play position is of the other deck, hope that you've beatmatched them or hit the sync button, then hit play when they're at the same point.

As you can see, option 2 isn't INSTANT.

I'm sorry if you feel this is a limitation that would hamper your performance, but this is how the hardware functions.

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