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WeDJ crashes iPad mini 2 after 1.1.0 update!!

Hi,  Yesterday I updated WeDJ on my iPad mini 2 to version 1.1.0.  Ever since, I cannot load any track within the app.  Every single time it crashes back to the main iPad screen.

The app literally is useless!  It was perfect before the update of adding the pitch bend Buttons, albeit I feel they are tiny!  I used this app as part of the Wego 4 controller.  As I type, I'm downloading the djay2 app as an alternative!

I have noticed that the only way to load tracks is through the auto mix feature, not exactly ideal for a dj app!!

lve tried restarting the iPad, I've deleted the app and started again, both with no luck. It did let me analyse all the tracks prior to refusing to load/play.

I downloaded the iPhone version for my 6th gen iPod which for some reason installed to my iPad which actually works, albeit the platter graphics resemble a wobbly egg, lol!

Any suggestions, or is this part of the fatal issue that has been reported on the pioneer news section?

l very much hope this issue is resolved as I use the WeDJ app all the time!!



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