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v1.2: Can anyone record midi trigs with an external midi keyboard?

 Hi, has anyone successfully recorded midi trigs into a midi track using an external midi keyboard?


I have tried using midi DIN and USB and using different devices and also sending midi from my DAW - NOTHING can record trigs.


I do see the midi in (and out) indicators on the Toraiz, so midi is arriving and being sent, but it seems it just will not record midi trigs.


An external midi keyboard WILL record SAMPLE trigs on a SAMPLE track, just not MIDI trigs on MIDI tracks.


It would be great to get some word from Pioneer on this?



Simon Fine

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I can recreate this.


1. Midi-Keyboard Midi Out -> Toraiz Midi In

2. Toraiz Midi Track, Midi Out -> Synth Midi In 

Recording triggers for a sample track works, but for a MIDI-Track not (Setting: Midi I/F Select = DIN MIDI). You can not even play the Synth through the Midi-Keyboard. 

It is possible to play the Synth through the Midi-Keyboard if the Setting: Midi I/F Select = DIN MIDI Thruh H/W; but then the triggers of the Toraiz are not played.

It would be great, if this could be fixed.

Also you can not record parameters of a track. For example if you set a Filter as FX to a sample track, you can control the Filter Cutoff with a CC#46 from PC or Midi Device. But you can not record the modification; also you can not record the modification if you turn the knob on the Toraiz itself.
There should be an automation/recording parameters feature.

(I know you can record a custom parameter via touchstrip, but this is not so intuitive and precise like turning a knob, or even a programmed sweep on the PC)

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I have emailed my dealer to forward this issue to his pioneer rep.


Seems like the mods in this forum only respond selectively to certain posts for some reason :)

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