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Hello, I'm a DDJ-SX2 owner, and I would like to change my controller with a more professional controller.

I'm a Serato user, so I would like to continue to use the same software ( songs database ... ).

Currently the only solution is to buy the DDJ-SZ, but I consider this device a little bit older.

I would like to know if Pioneer will continue the partnership with Serato, creating a new DDJ-SZ device (DDJ-SZ 2), or this partnership can be considered completely closed ?

There are any kind of information about the future of the development of a new controller made for Serato ?

Thanks a lot.

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Yes, Pioneer DJ does still have a partnership with Serato.

Mark Gallo
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more then likely get a DDJ-RZX2, being able to switch between rekordbox and serato, like a denon MCX8000 can do with engine/serato

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