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DJM-750mk2 1.05 firmware problems

Hey, Pioneer DJ, 
I found a few bugs that need to be fixed in the DJM-750k2 firmware. (beecause i buy new 750mk2 and now i try to learn all effects) Specifically it is Firmware Update 1.05 18/May/2021.

These errors are: 

high severity - the dub effect (Sound color FX) is only ever heard in the mix output, but is not heard in the headphone cue of any channel.

high severity - when using the roll effect(Beat FX) and sending it to channel 2 for example (it doesn't matter which one), no other (Sound color FX) effects can be run on this channel except the filter (the filter can be heard in the headphone cue), dub-echo works but cannot be heard in the headphone cue, noise and sweep does absolutely nothing both in the output and in the headphone cue.

low severity - according to the documentation (DJM-750MK2 addendum MIDI Message EN (265 kB)), pdf - midi message on button 60 according to the documentation (turn on ext. send) effect does not work, MIDI instruction is not sent.

high severity - when using PC/MAC it is not possible to use the audio channels of the sound card mix console for send/return effect loop. SEND USB11/12, RETURN USB 9/10 as indicated in the DJM750mk2 setting utility . The mixing console does not allow you to send any audio to this channel and the channels are therefore completely useless. I consider this a big problem. Users of traktor for scratch DVS cannot use the software effects loop. Although to an ipad/iphone such a loop is not a problem. Computer users don't want to lug another redundant device to a gig.


I'd be happy to help with the details. Alternatively, I can offer my experience for testing other products.
Thank you for the early correction. Lubomir


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Any response to the bugs we found? 
Or do I need to get more votes and publicity to start solving this ?

Thank you for response, Bob

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Maybe i can do some youtube video soon for better undestanding. Bob

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