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Problem with cdj 400 and djm 400 on traktor

Problem with DJM400 & Traktor Pro 2

Hi, I have 2 CDJ400, a DJM400, and a laptop running on windows 7 with Traktor Pro 2.

I am new to digital Djing and the Traktor pro software. I have 2 USB cables running off each CDJ400 to my Windows 7.

The problem I am having is that only 1 channel on my DJM400 mixer is working, and that same channel controls both deck 1 and 2.

Can someone please tell me how I can get channel 1 to control deck 1 and channel 2 to control deck 2.

I have searched everywhere for solutions but haven't come across any yet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Raul Raul Répondu

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You need to use ASIO4ALL to "bundle" the audio drivers for use with Traktor as it can only identify one audio interface at a time.

This video is made for Mac, but the concept is similar; an aggregate device is created and then selected in the software. With ASIO4ALL, you don't need to aggregate the devices, it will do that automatically - you just select ASIO4ALL as your output in Traktor.

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