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Rekordbox: File could not be copied on USB

Hey there,

I'm unable to copy most of my tracks to my USB. I get error code [3] - The file could not be copied.

Also can't load the tracks on a deck directly on rekordbox.

Next I tried to reanalyze one of the tracks and I got the red sign saying track can not be played. File format is not supported by Rekordbox.

It's an aiff file and always worked so far. What's going on here?

Currently I'm using rekordbox 6.6.4. I'm using an external storage device but the path is always working. I recently updated my Macbook Pro (2015) from Catalina to Monterey (12.4).

Really don't know what happened here or how to fix it.

Ayleen Döring

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Thanks, handed in a request 👍🏻

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