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Jump anywhere in a track with needle search on CDJ-3000

Dear Pioneer,

In the CDJ-2000 Nexus 2, it is possible to use the needle search feature to immediately jump anywhere on a playing track. One does so by (1) placing the finger at the desired destination in the bottom waveform, (2) pressing play to jump there seamlessly, and (3) pressing play a second time so the track keeps playing after I release my finger from the bottom waveform.

I am unable to replicate this great functionality in the CDJ-3000 (v3.11). In particular, when I press play for the first time (step 2 above) the track stops playing. It would only resume playing at the destination if I move my finger slightly, one bar to the right or to the left. Unfortunately, the resulting jump is far from seamless and completely noticeable.

Is there a way to do this thing properly in the CDJ-3000, or is this a bug?

For completeness, I am trying to do what's shown on this video (minute 8:30):

Or in this video (minute 1:25):

Thank you!

David Lopez-Paz

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