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HID Connection Issue

Background info: my CDJ-2000s have all been updated to the latest firmware 4.33. I am using macOS Monterey 12.3. My issue is I have unsuccessfully tried to connect Rekordbox (in performance mode with the audio preferences set to Pioneer CDJ/XDJ + the audio MIDI setup has both devices selected / no drift connection selected) to the two Pioneer CDJ-2000s via USB (2.0 cables) connection to my Macbook Air. When the 2 USBs are connected to the computer & CDJs, I push the link button on the CDJs, and the screen reads top left "Control Mode (HID Advanced)" underneath it reads "USB MIDI", and on the righthand side it flashes "Push to Connect". When I push the rotary selector to connect, it shows the graphic of the line connecting the CDJ to the computer. However, when I turn the rotary selector either way, nothing else happens or comes up on the screen. The option to choose Rekordbox DJ Deck doesn't come up - nothing changes, it keeps showing the graphic of the line connecting the CDJ to the computer. This happens for both decks that I try to link to. 

Alexandra Sterling

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