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HELP! DJM-900NXS Nov28 2023 Driver Update Issue

Issues occurred for 3 of our resident DJs today, myself included when plugging into our DJM-900NXS. After finding out there was a driver update and installing the said update, unwanted behaviors still occurred. 

First issue: the Pioneer Mixer Utility launches immediately upon connecting the computer USB to the DJM-900NXS. Opens to the Mixer Output tab. Why is this happening?

Second issue: The Mixer seems to be talking to the utility - when changing the input selector switch on the individual channels I can see the reflected input in the Mixer Utility Input tab. But it seems that it's not talking to Serato. Normally, when moving through the inputs DIGITAL, CD/LINE, PHONO, USB, you can see the changes reflected on the virtual deck in Serato with Active, Thru, etc. I am able to get output from the computers to play through the channel, but when switching input the changes aren't reflected in Serato, is there something we are doing wrong?

Same issue on 3 separate computers, specs for context:

2015 i9, Monterey, Serato ver 2.5.0

2021 M1 Max, Ventura, Serato 2.5.0

2021 M1 Max, Ventura, Serato 3.0.12

Thank you for your help 🙏

Adrian Diaz

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