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DDJ-SX3 output audio screeches when play button is pressed

Today I booted up my DDJ-SX3 after updating the drivers so it would work with MacOS Sonoma and after about 5 minutes of playing normally I loaded up a song and when I pressed the play button instead of playing the song it blasted a horrible electronic screaming sound which persisted even after I'd stopped the track. Serato was working fine, everything else worked like it should but the sound would not stop until I turned off the controller. I tried a few more times with different songs and every time whenever a song plays it instead blasts this noise. I tried reinstalling the drivers twice to no avail. It's not an issue with Serato since Serato keeps working just fine, it's the output sound. I don't know how to fix this, what should my next steps be to try to fix this problem?

Isaac Larkin-Harmon

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