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On air display without automatic switching the master deck


I have a CDJ-3000 and DJM-900NSX2. I use 4 deck to play the tracks. For example, on the first deck the main track is playing. On my second deck, I have DJ Tool with melody to taste it for a while . On third deck i have acapella. On the fourth deck i have the second main track. The red lights in on air display mode are great because you can see which deck is currently playing. I have hot cues on the master deck number 1 and a double waveform view selected. So I know when I have to start tracks on the decks 2 3 and 4 to prfect timing. But when I mix the first deck with the second deck and I mute the first track for a few seconds to hear only melody on deck number 2 the master deck waveform on the non master decks is switching automatically to the second deck with melody, and I can't see the hot cues on the main deck on 1 deck. I have to switch master deck on the first deck manually after muting. Can You separate these two options:
- red light on currently playing decks
- automatically switching the master deck by crossfader or volume faders?
The first option is great, but the second is annoying when I'm using double waveform view. The upper waveform is non-stop changing by switching tracks on the 4 decks in the mix. Can I turn off this mode without turn off the red lights?

Piotr Buławski

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