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DJM mixers as External Instrument in Ableton

Hi guys, I love the DJM's noise color fx combined with beat effects like Echoe, i was wondering if there are any plans to integrate new feature in DJMs to be able to use it as "External Instrument" in Ableton Live like a synthetizer in order to create our own white noise fxs in our productions/tracks with your amazing sound quality. I know there are some plugins that simulates some fxs of DJMs but your noise FX in combination with beat FX like Echoe is hard to copy in terms of sound quality, it will be a very nice feature if we can use it like an external synthetizer and control triggering the Noise color FX and beat FXs by MIDI CC messages and capturing the master output of DJM with the  created noise effects into input of our DAW audio interface (im using another audio interface not the DJM Asio). I know all DJM have midi CC messages but they dont work the way i need to achieve this, they can only remote control mapped things but can not be used as "External Instrument", DJMs doesn't get listed like a Synthetizer connected by USB. I have dreamed with this feature for years, can you please consider it! I think many electronic music producers would prefer the DJM Noise color FX combined with beat FXs for their productions.

Dyan Katz

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