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Pioneer DDJ-SR2 - Channel bleed/volume issue - anyone repair?

I have a Pioneer DDJ-SR2 DJ controller, I've used it for a few years and I love many aspects of it, and would like to keep using it.

However, something happened recently that has made it un-usable.  I think the root cause may be that some water was spilled on it, although I can't say for sure.

Now if I play audio from the left side decks, it's half as loud as the audio from the right side decks.  And if I start playing something in the right side deck, if I turn the right side volume fader all the way down, I still hear audio out of that deck.

I've come back to the deck a week later and found I still have the same problem, so to me it seems like something broke internally to the controller.

Is there anyone out there that fixes issues like this that will not end up costing the full price of the controller?

I've noticed DDJ-SR2s seem to be getting sunsetted and aren't generally available anymore.

geoff.maddock .

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