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REV 7 Channel 2 has no volume

I have begun scratching and use youtube videos to help with my skills. During my sessions, I am playing the youtube video and the output is set to my controller.  I notice that when i have the fader on towards channel 1 or in the middle i have volume while the video is playing. My issue is when i start to practice my hand on my right deck which is channel 2, there is no  output volume. what i notice during all of this, is on my volume display in the middle channel 2 shows no lights, channel 1 does though.

i dont have this issue when i connect to my rev1. i can easily move my cross fader in any direction and the volume is there while playing the video and scratching

i have tried updating the drivers and firmware to make sure that wasnt the issue. this is driving me nuts because its hard for me to practice on my right hand because there is no volume

can someone tell me what is wrong? it has to be something in the settings of this particular controller. 

jeannetta jackson

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