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REV 7 Master Out from both the RCA and XLR failing

Note that this was all working fine and is not a driver is as I can hear music through the phones socket.

REV 7 Master Out from both the RCA and XLR failing, with the sound coming and going or just going totally flat. I connected the booth output and this works fine, showing that sound is being generated but is only degraded on the Master OUT RCA and XLR.

No water damage or drops, this literally happened over night! It was fine the previous night at another venue and then started failing 2 hours in my set the following night.

I've had it for 2 years, but until recently I barely took it out of the house. Very limited hours usage, as my DDJ 1000 is my main work horse.

Anyone else experinced this? Has the Audio Out board decide to fry itself?

Any help appreciated... Thanks

DJ Chef

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