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MACBOOK AIR 2022 / M2 / 8gb


I can`t download instaler file for latest version of Recordbox. On Mac i have lates SONOMa OS. 

1.I set agree in agreement;

2.Push on button "DOWNLOAD"

3.Website does not start loading, but retur me back, where i need to do Point 1-3 one more time. And and so on endlesslyю

Why it is ?

Eduards Ogorodniks

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Why? because Pioneer has one of the worst sites on the internet, literally slow as crap, have to log out and log in 8 times before you get the box here to even reply and yes i have turned on and off all the browser settings recommended by pioneer and its still a joke around the forums, says you're logged in but you're really not, the complaints from users go on and on, they said months ago a new site was coming the end of September but i guess that's September of 2024, LOL


ANYWAY, try downloading 6.8.0 from here - https://rekordbox.com/en/support/faq/v6/

scroll down to - ""I want to use previous rekordbox ver. 6.""

Stay away from 6.8.1 if you plan on using sync manager for USB drives

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