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XDJ-R1 Jog Wheel LEDs

Hello, support team.

I've owned XDJ-R1 recently. And can you, please, provide info, how jog leds are working?

I've found some info here https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360058172352-Xdj-R1-jog-wheel-illumination-

Well, in my case, when using USB stick, with prepared via Rekorbox tracks:

Leds are blinking when track are loading;

When track is ending - there are no leds blinking. Only in the display of the deck there is indicating.

When using Virtual Dj:

When track is ending - the leds are blinking (before 30 s to the end of the track)

When using Rekordbox performance mode:

When track is ending - there are no leds blinking. But when I put down channe fader - the leds are turning off.

Well, so, please, can you provide full info or explanation, how jog wheels leds have to work in right way. Or may be there are any ways to change their work, in different cases (playing from USB stick, CD, MIDI - rekordbox).

Thanks a lot.



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