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DJM-S5 - Constand Problems Working this Mixer.

I don't even know where to begin.  I'm an old school DJ with 1210s and always Numark mixers.  I don't do gigs anymore, just things for myself in the house.  I've been trying to just start with this mixer and it's one issue after another.  Yesterday I was able to play Seralto with the time coded records on both turntables.  I was only able to play vinyl with the right.  Today I disconnected it and figured out I needed to slide the switch in the back to Phone/Line.  I did this and now back to two vinyls, but now I don't have Seralto MP3s access.  What is wrong with this mixer or am I doing something incorrect?  Please I need someone to lend me a hand.  I have to DJ for an Air Force Retirement as a favor and even though I don't want to, I told the Col I would do the favor.  Please anyone I'm happy to even share my phone to make this easier.

Robert Kramer

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You need to switch it back and forth whenever you want to use Serato DJ Pro and analog vinyl. So for Serato, put it on USB, for analog vinyl, put it on Phono/Line. Hope this helps. 

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