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Issue with Pioneer XDJ-700

Quick Q on my XDJs which have been playing up lately since my mum and nephew were on them over Xmas (lol)… I have two isses with the same controller. I've loaded my settings onto both decks with my USB yet they're acting differently...

Issue 1 - none of the loop buttons will work when I load my USB settings on one of the controllers (+In/4Beat, loop exit etc). Weirdly it works on the other when I load the same settings?! The reloop/exit button light is also off.

Issue 2 - on the same controller, the jog wheel doesn’t work despite being in vinyl mode. Instead of jogging slightly to tweek the timing, it skips the track completely when the job wheel is clicked in or it isn't.

Any ideas? I think it's most certainly an issue with settings and not hardware! My settings are as follows:|

Play Mode:|Single / Off| |Eject / Load:|Unlock| |Needle Lock:|Lock| |Quantize Beat Value:|1 Beat| |Hot Cue Auto Load:|On| |Hot Cue Colour:|Off| |Auto Cue Level:|Memory Cue| |Time Mode:|Remain| |Auto Cue:|On| |Jog Mode:|Vinyl| |Tempo Range:|10| |Master Tempo:|Off| |Quantize:|On| |Sync:|Off| |Phase Meter:|Type 1| |Waveform / Phase Meter:|Waveform| |Waveform Divisions:|Phrase| |Vinyl Speed Adjust:|Touch| |Beat Jump Beat Value:|16 Beat|

Thanks in advance!


Joe Struggles

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