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Issue Connecting Adam Subwoofer to DDJ 1000

Hey folks,

Just bought an Adam Audio T10S Subwoofer for my DJ setup at home. Previously, I just had my two Adam T7V’s connected to the Master 1 on the DDJ with XLR cables and it’s always been fine. I have now connected the sub to the Master 1 and the 2 speakers to the sub as per setup instructions, but the sub isn’t picking up signal; it’s just staying on standby mode (red light rather than green) so there’s no sound.

The sub is powered with an internal amp so there shouldn’t be any need for a mixer, and I’ve read several posts with people saying this is exactly how they have their sub and monitors connected, so I’m kind of at a loss here!

Anyone have any suggestions? Any help much appreciated!

Luke Bugden

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