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Buzzing noise DDJ1000 KRK Monitors

Hi @all, 

First I will start with my setup: 

DDJ 1000 + MACBOOK PRO M1 + 2x KRK Monitors connected via 6.3/XLR (DDJ1000). To record my sets I use 6.3 (boost on DDJ1000) Roland cable with 3.5jack to my pc (line-in). 

The problem I have is a buzzing noise (when I start to record)  once the KRK Monitors are connected to the electricity. I did some ''test'': When I disconnect my Monitors from the electricity the buzzing noise is just gone. 

Can someone please tell me, is there some solution for this problem? 


Would be great to get some help. 



Thank you very much




Jakub Majewski

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