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XDJ 1000 MK2 - Left RCA Output - Distortion

Hi All, I have recently came across my issue specifically with an XDJ 1000 MK2. I have narrowed it down to the left RCA output on the deck (white cable) giving a distortion/interference esque sound on both my headphones and on the master speakers. I have tried changing power source, I have changed the RCA cables, I have tested on multiple channels on my mixer and also on another mixer entirely. The same issue is always the sound on the left RCA output. I have seen previous threads about master tempo but I have tried and tested that also, my issue is not linked. Anyone got any ideas before I look to send in for repair/replace?


Many Thanks, Lee.

lholliday- .

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I have the same issue. It cuts out part of the soundwave on left channel.

I supossed an error in DAC, so I decided to use the digital output and my own  DAC. But then is it even worse - after short time of good quality sound comes white noise and I must stop the player. After restart it plays correct again.

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