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A9 sound character

hi all, i'm looking for some hands-on info about the A9's sound. unfortunately the usual suspects on youtube as well as almost all website reviews don't cover the sound. and even the few times the sound is mentioned, it's a joke. so i'm hoping to find some useful info here. i'm not interested in the new dacs or the hardware at all for that matter but the internal processing. since the DJM 800 (except for the V10) pioneer mixers had a unique sound. the most noticeable part was the bass. it had a slight rubber-like touch and was a bit more beefy compared to the song in its original form. especially in isolator mode this was quite noticeable. that aside the overall sound was soft and warm. in short, although it did change the original sound of the played songs, i liked it and in fact it was the reason why i bought 2 pioneer mixers. now the V10 doesn't have that character anymore. it's more neutral, colder, harder and so on. one could also say more professional and more suitable if a neutral sound is preferred. so i wonder whether the A9 kept the "old" DJM sound or followed the V10 in that regard. thanks in advance for any info!

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He seems to think it's the same internal processing on the 900NXS2 and A9.

If you took the digital in to digital out pass-through sound of the 900NXS2 and summed it with the out-of-phase equivalent from the A9, all other things being equal, my bet would be they'd cancel each other out completely.  If someone wants to refute that, I'd be happy to see the evidence for it. 

The only thing I'm unsure about is the early comments about the V10's sample rate conversion when sending SPDIF inputs lower than 96khz into it, which some complained was worse than the 900NXS2.  I don't know if that was a legit complaint, and if so, if it persists on the A9.

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