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Can I connect FLX4 to Macbook Air via Bluetooth?

I am trying to buy a used computer to use for DJing. My option right now is a used Macbook Air 2015, that has NO PORTS. The only ports are for power and for headphones. There is no USB-C port. Can I use this laptop for DJing with my FLX4? Can I connect this laptop via bluetooth to my FLX4? 

Maggie Kittner

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Macbook airs have at least 1 USB port port, i don't believe apple made any airs that have no ports

Can you post pics of the sides of yours?


right in the description of the unit it says bluetooth is supported




Multi-device support

Whether you want to connect to a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone or tablet, the DDJ-FLX4 is versatile in its design. Even better, if you use the controller with rekordbox for iOS/Android, you'll be able to connect to your device via Bluetooth® or USB cable. So, there’s nothing to hold you back from giving DJing a try.


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