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Stuck at USB midi screen when connecting laptop with USB cables.

I am trying to connect DJM-900NXS and 2x CDJ-3000 with a windows laptop via USB cables, there are three cables connected to mixer and both decks. On the decs I am stuck at the USB midi screen, what should I do next? It shows both CDJs and DJM under Audio Preferences, though DJM is under ASIO. All drivers should be installed. 

I followed this tutorial: https://youtu.be/_XbljlypxEw?si=eq2FzKV_YT6V9NVZ

But when I turn the browse knob nothing happens, I cannot select which deck the physical deck should correspond to it just does nothing, so I can't see the tracks from the decks, it just remains at "USB midi". 

I can access performance mode on rekordbox because I do have the controller as well, but I do not have a paid plan, could that affect it?

Erich Brutus

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