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exporting playlist to device extremely slow out of the blue?

Hi folks, 

device is Macbook pro 14" M3 Pro chip, usb drive is the same one ive had for months now SANDISK Ultra Luxe 256 GB - USB 3.1, 150 MB/s - haven't changed the USB stick 


I have been using this same USB stick for months and it had 0 issues , and today I plugged it into the laptop and it gave me : library is corrupt error - would you like to delete the library - so I did .... painfully but I did

and now I'm trying to simply export my playlist again into the same USB - drama - it takes 10 minutes to export 30 songs .... 

it used to be in a blink of an eye  , desperate here , I haven't changed anything yet since the corrupt library error its beyond slow , unreasonably slow ... 

anyone have any advice? 

Tam Vranjes

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Which rekordbox version do you have installed?

Are you using Sync Manager to export?

Gabriel 0 votes
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It's been shyte since 6.8.2.

Grab a copy of 6.8.1 and you'll be fine.
The implimentation of the new library format has been an absolute sh!tshow

Sinclair Parkinson 0 votes
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