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Rekordbox Video: Support for projectM

Dear Pioneer DJ,

Rekordbox DJ w. Video plugin is a great concept and works well, but mostly relies on the the use of video clips to work well. Professional clips are quite expensive to buy, and this may limit the usability of the plugin.


An idea would be to also implement support for visualizations such as projectM (https://github.com/projectM-visualizer/projectm) - which provides a vast assortment of computer-generated visualizations. These may in turn be placed over- or together with pictures, text or even videos - simply as an added layer, or run standalone.


Some videos illustrating projectM;




ProjectM is released under GNU 2.1 licence. (https://github.com/projectM-visualizer/projectm/blob/master/LICENSE.txt)


ProjectM is by no means a new thing; it was released in 2001, and is still being developed. 

Tord Forland

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Bumping this - support for external sound-activated visualizers would be great. Can run ProjectM separately, but it doesn't switch presets on track change automatically. The built-in visualizers are a bit limited for professional use.

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