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Occasionaly deleted tags

Hey there! 

I'm using my mouse/touchpad for browsing library in a live sets. And from time to time I have an issue with occasional double click on, for ie, track title & pressing spacebar to enlarge browser window. As a result - track title is deleted. Think, you know what I mean.

I see two ways, to solve that:

1. Change RB reaction on clicks with diffrent latency, just like Load button works. Single click - loads track in deck, double click copying track from A to B & so on. I would do that for the library too, so only fast double clicking allows you to edit tags.

2. Just block this double mouse clicking function for editing tags & move it to right click menu. And/or you could make it optional.


And little more offtop. 

Could you please make midi mapping more flexible? As for me, I really need Sorting by Key on Shift + Load. But there's no such option. 

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This is like #2 on my complaints list. 🤣

We're constantly looking for ways to improve the MIDI functions, thanks for the feedback.

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So use Nike's slogan and "Just do it!"😀 What's the first one in your list?)
Anyway, thanks to all RB crew for listening to community and reacting on feedbacks so fast with replies & user-friendly uptades.

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