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RMX 1000 mk2 - audio interface add

The more I fiddle with this RMX-1000, the more I start to see other areas in which it could be very useful! 

The plugin works with ableton perfectly, so why not add a basic two channel IO to the RMX-1000 mk2? It would allow us hybrid setup guys to plug in the RMX1000, route ableton through the box over USB (like AIRA), get total control over the ableton session playing through (three EQs, fx) which would make our Ableton session instantly playable like any other component of the dj rig... With the added benefit of only needing two USB connections - the Push 2 and the RMX1000 mk2.

If the RMX would allow us to also retain the signal feed from the Djs1000, or the Toraiz, or whatever other signal we choose - the RMX could be the send/return for a variety of things AND be our ableton IO/sonic control box.

That would place the RMX1000 on the top of the list for many folks who otherwise are unaware of this unit, or who see zero need for it.


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