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Toraiz SP-16 trigger features request

Got my SP-16 today, it has some nice step editing like the parameter locks and shifting the timing, but it would be nice to have these additions:

Copy and paste parameter locks - I could not find if it is possible, if not can it be added?

Step conditions like play every x out of x passes, % chance etc

More targets for parameter locks.

Macros for setting parameters to be locked so that user can select any 6 parameters to appear above the encoders for quick access.

Individual track lengths.

Step chains - a step can have a stack of upto say 4 values for a selected parameter which sequentially increment on each pass, so for example a sample with 4 slices on a 1 bar pattern, pass 1 plays slice 1, pass 2 plays slice 2, pass 3 plays slice 3, pass 4 plays slice 4. 

Realtime recording of any parameter.

Daren Ager

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