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DDJ RB headphones don't work

Hello I just got the DDJ RB a couple weeks ago and it all worked fine, but now since I have a new computer the headphones won't work if I cue one deck or two.

  • I got a Mac book pro with MacOS Sierra Version 10.13.2
  • my audio output goes through usb to a Steinberg ur242 interface from there to one channel in an analoge mixer and the main out to two monitor speakers
  • Im using rekordbox 5.1.1 and here are my preferences 

Everything else works fine and I have the same issue without the interface.

Maybe its just a really simple solution but I can't seem to find it.



Henk Hogerzeil Répondu

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I have a same problem, please how we CAN FIX IT ?


Thank you

Have a nice day.

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