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Rekordbox mapping with CDJ


I ve been using Virtual Dj pro for years now controlled by CDJs and now that I want to switch to rekordbox, I can control the software from the CDJs too, but I can't get them on the device list front the midi setting.

I use mac and the CDJs (i tried with differents model) are linked with the UDB cable directly to my computer.

I really need to do dome mapping as I got my habits and some button are not doing the same thing as i am use to.

Do I have to install some plugin or what should i do to be able to have the CDJ in the device list?

Thank you

Rudy Fernandez Répondu

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Sorry, this is due to CDJs functioning in HID mode rather than MIDI mode. That allows for faster communication between device and software, as well as higher resolution for the controls (eg. jog wheel & pitch fader).

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i am also interested in a solution to this issue as well.  I have a CDJ2000NXS1 that is not appearing in the device list on the midi GUI in RekordboxDJ.


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