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Gated Hotcues on CDJs

would be so great to get this.

especially for those who came from Laptop/sw based djing to cdjs the Standard behaviour is pain in the ass. pls let us choose how the hotcues are working.

same on the autoloop behaviour.

on the denon sc5k you can easily Change the hotcue behaviour.

big thx for listening.

Daniel Ventura

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I think the same, I have RX2 and I do not want to ever use Pc so I bought it Gate mode, in the hotcue would be essential for future revisions to use both, could be combined with the SHIFT key for example, which barely has use, in other systems this key has applications almost for all the buttons, and can perform more functions at combine it.

It would also be nice to be able to make a loop in the air from a hotcue, I mean, press a hotcue (and you should register it as CUE as if it were an IN LOOP) so by pressing the OUT LOOP, you would do this loop. In addition the Backspin mode is very slow with respect to the real vinyl, it could be improved or regulated from some speed option, and when you play lightly the central disc makes brake effect, but not always sometimes it fails and sometimes it does not depend not only on the touch that is pressed, it is random, so this seems like a failure.

Thanks and best regards

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